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The Sephardic names listed on this site are taken form the references listed below. The names are in alphabetical order. Beside each listing is a number or series of numbers and letters enclosed in parenthesis such as (2) (6A) (9) (29). These numbers correspond to the references listed below where the names were found. The authors of these works have identified the names as being held by Sephardim. The reference code is listed below.


(*) Name for which a coat of arms, crest.or history has been found and will be published in SECTION Vl, Heraldry.
(+) Known or suspected converso families (as opposed to individual conversos).  Most anyone appearing before the inquisition was a converso because the inquisition, by definition, had no power over the Jewish population.  They did have control over "New Christians" or conversos.
(~) Up load completed

(0) Self identified
(1) From the civil records of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.(~)
(2) From the records of Bevis Marks, The Spanish and Portuguese Congregation of London.(~)
(3) From the burial register of Bethahaim Velho Cemetery, Published by the Jewish Historical Society of England.(~)
(4) From the book, "History of the Jews in Venice", by Cecil Roth.(~)
(5) Sephardic names extracted from the book, "Finding Our Fathers", by Dan Rottenberg. Each name is followed by a short biography and references for additional information.  This book is a fine reference for those interested in learning Jewish genealogy research.  The publication explains how and where to conduct research and can be purchased on this site through Amazon.com
(6) From the book, " The Inquisitors and the Jews in the New World", by Seymour B. Liebman.(~)
(6a) Reports the names of people who appeared before the inquisition in the New Spain.(~)
(6b) Reports the names of people who appeared before the inquisition in New Granada.(~)
(6c) Reports the names of people who appeared before the inquisition in El Peru.(~)
(6d) Reports the names of people who appeared before the inquisition in Rio de La Plata.(~)
(7) From the book, "A History of the Marranos", by Cecil Roth.(~)
(8) From the book, "Jews in Colonial Brazil", by Arnold Wizhitzer.(~)
(9) From the book, "Precious Stones of the Jews of Curacao Jewry 1657-1957.(~)
(10) From the book, "The Jews of Rhodes", by Marc D. Angel.(~)
(11) List of (mostly) Sephardic brides from the publication, "List of 7300 Names of Jewish Brides and Grooms who married in Izmir Between the Years 1883-1901 & 1918-1933.(~)
(12) List of (mostly) Sephardic grooms from the publication listed above.(Izmir lists provided by Dov Cohen, Nof Ayalon Israel). Email address dkcohen@neto.net.il(~)
13) From the book, "The Jews of New Spain", by Seymour B. Liebman.(~)
(14) From the publication, "Los Sefardes", by Jose M. Estrugo. Published by Editorial Lex La Habana, 1958. (Apellidos corrientes entre los Sephardies)(~)
(15) From the book, "The Jews of the Balkans, The Judeo-Spanish Community , 15th to 20th Centuries", by Esther Benbassa and Aron Rodrigue.(~)
(16) From the book, "The Sephardic Jews of Bordeaux", by Frances Malino.(~)
(17) From the book, "Hebrews of the Portuguese Nation", by Miriam Bodian.(~)
(18) From the book, "The Sephardim of England", by Albert M. Hyamson.(~)
(19) From Vol. 1, "A History of the Jews in Christian Spain", by Yitzhak Baer. (19a) Volume II.(~)
(20) From the book, "A Life of Menasseh Ben Israel", by Cecil Roth. This book contains names from the Sephardic community of greater Amsterdam. Amsterdam was a major haven and transfer point for Sephardim and Morranos leaving Iberia.(~)
(21) From the book, "Crisis and Creativity in the Sephardic World: 1391-1648", by Gampel. This book lists Sephardic movers and shakers during the period.(~)
(22) From the book, "History of the Jews in Aragon", by Regne. Essentially a series of royal decrees by the House of Aragon. It contains Sephardic names recorded during the period 1213-1327. By this time family names were well developed. Be prepared for a challenge as you attempt to derive the modern equivalents for these 800 year old names. Prefixes such as Aben, Ibn, Aven, Avin, Ben and etc. are attached to the stemsof many names.If your people came from Aragon, and you cannot find the name in this list, I recommend to attach a prefix and look for it in that way. In addition, the spelling of many of the stems have changed with time. Some names (Adret, Cavalleria) exist to this date unchanged. This reference will introduce many new names and/or many new spellings to known names. (22c) indicates those names that are identified as converso names in the records. Suerte!(~)
(23) From the book, "Secrecy and Deceit: The Religion of theCrypto-Jews", by David Gitlitz. The names of the Sephardim (and their residences) mentioned were, sometimes, involved with the inquisition. There were other names which are not listed here because the author did not identify those names as Sephardic.(~)
(24) From the Ph.D. Dissertation of Michelle M. Terrill, "The Historical Archaeology of the 17th and 18th-Century Jewish Community of Nevis, British West Indies", Boston Univesity, 2000.(~)
(25) From the book, "The Jews of Jamaica", by Richard D. Barnett and Philip Wright. This book contains tombstone inscriptions and dates of death from 1663-1880. Only names that appeared Sephardic are included here.(~)
(26) From the book, "Die Sefarden in Hamburg" (The Sephardim in Hamburg [Germany]) by Michael Studemund-Halevy. German names are due to inter marriage(~)
(27) From the book, "Historia de la Comunidad Isralelita de Chile", by Moshe Nes-El.(~)
(28) From the book, "Judios Conversos" (Jewish Converts) by Mario Javier Saban. Los antepasados Judios de las familias Argentinas. This work contains many Sephardic names and family trees within its 3 volumes. Many of the individuals listed appeared before the inquistion and were secret Jews. Some later converted and intermarried. The description "Jew "and "Portuguese" appear to be used interchangeably. Only those names that were identified as Sephardic Jews or descendant from Sephardic Jews or in some cases, new Christians that married into Sephardic families are listed here. It is possible that some Sephardic names not well identified are not listed. If you have Sephardic/Portuguese family roots in early Argentina, research these volumes. Many of the names listed here represent the famous names of Jewish/Sephardic Argentina. Wonderful family trees, well detailed, are provided in the three volumes.(~)
(28a) List of Portuguese Jews expelled from Buenos Aries, 1603. The list also contains the name of the vessel and date of arrival in Argentina. Los "Portugueses" Judaizantes expulsados de Buenas Aires.(~)
(28b) "Portuguese" of Santiago del Estro. The list provides the year of arrival and entry point into Argentina. Apellidos de los Portugueses de Santiago del Estero.(~)
(28c) "Portuguese" of Cordoba. Apellidos de los Portugueses de Cordoba. The list provides the entry point and the year of arrival.(~)
(28d) "Portuguese" of San Miguel de Tucuman. The book provides the entry and the year of arrival in Argentina.(~)
(28e) "Portuguese" of Talavera (1607). The list provides entry point and the year of arrival.(~)
(28f) "Portuguese" of La Rioja. The list provides entry point and the year of arrival.(~)
(28g) "Portuguese" of Salta. The book provides the entry point and the year of arrival.(~)
(28h) "Portuguese" of Villa de Madrid de las Juntas. The book provides entry point and the year of arrival.(~)
(28i) "Portuguese" of Jujuy. The book provides the entry point and the year of arrival.
(28j) "Portuguese" registered in Santa Fe in 1643. The book provides entry point and the year of arrival.(~)
(28k) List of names of those Sephardim expelled from Santa Fe. The book provides the place of birth and the year of arrival.(~)
(28l) Jewish Portuguese families of Rio de la Plata.(~)
(28m) Sephardic names in the records of the Auto de Fe of Lima in 1639.(~)
(28n) The Oliver-Cavia family, descendants of the Jewish house of Ha-Levi Benveniste originally from Spain.(~)
(28o) List of the "Portuguese" of Corrientes in the year 1643. Book provides age and place of birth.(~)
(29) "Sangre Judia" ("Jewish Blood") by Pere Bonnin. A list of 3,500 names used by Jews, or assigned to Jews by the Holy Office (la Santo Oficio) of Spain. The list is a result of a census of Jewish communities of Spain by the Catholic Church and as found in inquisition records. Los Apellidos estan sacados de las listas de penitenciados por el Santo Oficio, de los censos de las juderias y de otras fuentes que indican claramente que la persona portadora del apellido es judia o judeoconversa. Tiene Vd. sangre judia? (~)
(30) "Raizes Judaicas No Brasil" by Flavio Mendes Carvalho. This book contains names of Sephardim involved in the inquisition in Brazil. Many times date of birth, occupation, name of parents, age, and location of domicile are also included. Included in this list are the names of the relatives of the victims. Many of the victims were tortured to death or exiled so their lines might end here.(~)
(31) Sephardic names from the magazine "ETSI". Most of the names are from (but not limited to) France and North Africa. Published by Laurence Abensur-Hazan and Philip Abensur. Subscriptions are available. If your family comes from the area served by ETSI, this magazine is worth while. <http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/1321> (31/volume number/issue number) For example (31/3/8) = Esti volume 3, issue8. (~)
(32) Sephardic surnames from the classic book "Genealogia Hebraica: Portugal e Gibraltar", by Jose Maria Abecassis. This book contains a list of names of Sephardim families that returned to Portugal and Gibralter after hundreds of years of expulsion. Family trees are included for many of the families. (~)
(33) Sephardic names from the Jewish Historical Society of England. List of names provided by David Ferdinando david.ferdinando@virgin.net. (~)
(33a) "The First English Jew", by Lucien Wolf. (~)
(33b) "Crypo-Jews under the Commonweath", by Lucien Wolf. (~)
(33c) "The Jewery of the Restoration", by Lucien Wolf.(~)
(33d) "The Cemetery of the Resettlement", by Master A.S. Diamond. (~)
(33e) "Foreign Trade of London Jews in the 17th Century", by Maurice Woolf.
(33f) "The Community of the Resettlement 1656-84 - A Social Survey:, by A.S. Diamond. (~)
(33g) "Maria Fernandez de Carvajal" by Lucien Wolf. (~)
(33h) "Carvajal and Pepys", by Wilfred Samuel. (~)
(33i) Extracts from "Jews of the Canary Islands", ed. Lucien Wolf. (~)
(33j) "Process of Antao Rodigues Lindo, Native of Badajoz, Kingdom of Castile". (~)
(34) From the book, "In Sure Dwellings: A Journey From Expulsion to Assimilation", by Margot F. Salom. The names are extracted from the research of an Austalian, Ms. Salom, into the her family. The names have been provided by the author. The book may be purchased form Seaview Press. FP 2000, Adelaide, 5th Australia. The author's email address is Abshl@powerup.com.au. (~)
(35) From the book "Histoire des Juifs de Rhodes, Chio, Cos, etc, by Abraham Galante. The names were extracted and provided by Daniel Kazez dkazez@mail.wittenberg.edu.(~)
(36) Sephardic names extracted from the book, "Noble Families Among The Sephardic Jews" by Isaac Da Costa, Bertram Brewster, and Cecil Roth. This book provides genealogy information about many of the more famous Sephardic families of Iberia, England and Amsterdam. For those tracing Sephardim from Spain to England or to Amsterdam, this book can be most valuable. Many name changes and aliases are provided. This reference documents the assimilation, name changes and coversion of many Sephardic families in Spain, England and The Netherlands. There is also a large section dealing the the genealogy of the members of Capadose family that converted to Christianity. (~)
(37) Sephardic names from the book, "A Origem Judaica dos Brasileiros", by Jose Geraldo Rodrigues de Alckmin Filho, who personally provided the text. This publication contains a list of 517 Sephardic families punished by the inquisition in Portugal and Brazil. As familias punidas pela Inquidicao em Portugal e no Brasil.. (~)
(38)Names from the book, "El Libro Verde de Aragon" (The Greenbook of Aragon) by Isidoro de las Cagigas.(~)
(38a)  Sephardic names to Converso (New Christian) names.    Sephardic=Converso.|(~)
(38b)  Converso names from Sephardi names.  Converso=Sephardic.(~)
(38c)  Sephardic names of Aragon.(~)
(39)  From ETSI, Volume 4, No.12 dated March 2001, "Aliases in Amsterdam", by Viberke Sealtiel-Olsen, a list of alias names used by Sephardim in Amsterdam.  A wonderful research tool for Sephardic research in Amsterdam.(~)
(39a)  True Sephardic Name=Alias Name (~)
(39b)  Alias Name=True Sephardic Name.(~)
(40)  The Circumcision Register of Isaac and Abraham De Paiba (1715-1775) from the Achives of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Congregation of Bevis Marks (London. England). Family names include those circumcised, God fathers, and God mothers. There are also short sections of additional circumcisions 1679-99 (40a), Marriages 1679-89 (40b), and births of daughters 1679-99(40c)  (~)
(41)  "Conversos on Trial" by Haim Bienart.  A well written story of the converso community of Ciudad Real, to include the converso inquisition trials in the mid 15th century.  This book contains a list of names, some times providing the names of relatives, house locations, and professions.  A fine resource for those with ties to Ciudad Real. (~)
(42)  Jewish names contained in Medieval documents from the Kingdom of Murcia.   Apellidos judios en documentos medievales del Reino de Murcia.  Most of these names, if not all, appear to be original Sephardic names not changed by conversion. (~)
(43)  Sephardic names from the site TARAZONA JUDIA.  43 (C) indentifies converso anmes .The site is presented as a memorial to the Jews of TARAZONA. (~) http://idd00bmy.eresmas.net/etarazonajudiaapellidos.html                                                                                                                           (44) From the site, "Los Apellidios Biblicos De Mallorica" (Biblical Names of Mallorca) by Miquel Ferra I Martorell.  This site can be found at http://www.iciba.org.il/archivo/mallorca.html (44C) New Christians or Conversos from Mallorca..
(45) Apellidos de Judios Sefardies (Surnames of the Sephardic Jews) from the site Comunidad Israelita Pincipado de Austurias.  
(46) "Diciionario Sefaradi De Sobrenomes" ("Dictionary of Sephardic Surnames"):  This reference provides thousand of Sephardic names of immigrants to Brazil.  The authors have attempted to provide the ports of departure of these immigrants. The source of this information is also available.

(47) From the book, "SEPHARDIM, The Spirit That Has Withstood the times."  Contains the names of Sephardim from Curacao.

(48) The "Rise and Fall of Paradise",  When Arabs and Jews built a Kingdom in Spain.  Sephardic names.

(49) From the book, "The Expulsion of the Jews from Spain", by Haim Beinart. This reference describes in detail the adventures of Sephardim in escaping the inquisition during the period the expulsion.  Many vignettes. Rich in names and and history at a personal level. Many names in this publication are not recognizable as Jewish.  Only those names recognizable and labeled as Jewish or converso are listed here.  There are many hundreds of other names in the glossary  that deserve your research.








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Ha Arukh(19a) Ha Nasi(47) Ha-Itamari(21)
Ha-Kohen(15)(21)(23) Ha-Levi(21)(28)(31/1/2)(31/4/15)(45)(47) Ha-Levi(de Santa Maria)(21)(23)
Ha-Lorki (de Santa Fe)(21) Ha-Nagid(19)(21) Ha-Sardi(19)
Haba(29)(45)(46) Hababech(46) Hababo(46)
Hababou(46) Habacel(29)(45)(46) Haballi(46)
Habbaz(46) Habbib(46) Habbousalsa(46)
Habel(29)(45)(46) Habencecy(46) Haber(31/5/17)(46)
Habert(46) Habes (Also see Albec)(22) Habet(43)
Habez(22) Habib Ben(15) Habib Ibn(15)(21)(46)
Habib(5)(7)(9)(11)(12)(22)(31/2/6)(35)(45)(46) Habiba(5)(46) Habibi (11)(12)(31/5/16)(46)
Habif (11)(12)(31/2/4)(31/4/15)(31/5/16)(46) Habilha (Habilho)(26) Habilho (Duarte Fernades)(17)
Habilho(26)(46) Habilho(39a)=Henriques(39b) Habilho(39a=Fernandes(39b)
Habilho(46) Habillo de Foncseca(40) Habillo(5)(29)(46)
Habilo(29) Habinahagaren(22) Habit de(27)
Habit(27) Haboba(46) Habon(29)
Habout(46) Habshush(46) Habu(22)
Habusmel(29) Hacbonum(45)(46) Hacco-Soria(31/1/3)
Haccon(46) Haccoun(46) Hachim(46)
Hachuel(29)(31/2/5)(31/3/11)(31/4/14)(31/5/17)(45)(46) Hachuel-Cohen(31/3/11) Hachuelo(29)(45)(46)
Hacimon(29) Hackim(46) Hackimi(46)
Hackin(46) Hackoun(46) Hackoune(46)
Hacmoun(46)s Haco(46) Hacohen(10)(21)(31/1/2)(31/2/4)(31/4/14)(36)(46)
Hadad(31/2/7)(46) Hadajo(46) Hadani(46)
Hadas Lebel(46) Hadas(46) Hadaut(29)(46)
Hadaya(46) Hadayah(46) Haddad(46)
Haddan(46) Haddanoui(46) Haddok(46)
Haddouk(46) Hadet(46) Hadgege(46)
Hadgege(46) Hadid(46) Hadida(5)(23)(29)(32)(45)(46)
Hadjadi(46) Hadjady(46) Hadjed(46)
Hadjedj(46) Hadjes (11)(12)(27)(31/5/16)(46) Hadjiadj(46)
Hadjopoulos(46) Hadni(46) Hadudah(46)
Haelion(2) Hafar(46) Hafeitz(46)
Haffar(46) Hagalili(46) Hagay(45)
Hagay(46) Hagege(46) Haggege(31/1/2)
Haggiag(46) Hagiage(46) Hagis(5)
Hagiz(5)(15)(23) Hagouel(46) Hagr(15)
Hagtz(46) Hague(46) Haguel(29)
Hahamachi(35) Hahazan(45) Hahazzan(46)
Hai Bar Raab Scheira(36) Haiat(46) Haifaz(46)
Haik(46) Haim (11)(12)(31/1/2)(31/2/4)(31/2/6)(31/4/14)(31/5/16)(31/5/17)(35)(46) Haim Corillo(46)
Haim de(27) Haim Lombroso(46) Haim Nunes(46)
Haim Vaz(46) Haimov(46) Hain(29)
Haion(46) Haioune(46) Hairlis(46)
Haj(46) Hajage(46) Hajaj(46)
Hajar(46) Hajat(46) Hajes(46)
Hajjaj(46) Hajo(46) Hajon(46)
Hakafta(46) Hakak(46) Hakaslari(19a)
Hakham(46) Haki(46) Hakim (11)(12)(18)(31/1/2)(31/1/3)(31/2/4)(31/4/15)(31/5/16)(35)(46)
Hakin(46) Hakkak(46) Hakmoun(46)
Hakodesh(36) Hakoun(46) Hala(45)(46)
Halabi(46) Halac(46) Halaf(45)(46)
Halahmi(46) Halak(46) Halali(46)
Halaoua(46) Halas(26)(45)(46) Halashi(46)
Halawani(46) Halaym(22) Halbau(22)
Halega(31/5/16) Halegu (11) Halegua (12)(46)
Halei(45)(46) Halenquero(45)(46) Haleo (11)(46)
Halet(45) Haleva(22)(31/5/17)(46) HaLevi Dena Clara(19)
Halevi Yihja(46) HaLevi(10)(15)(23)(31/1/2)(31/2/4)(31/4/14)(46)(48) Halevy Bakarat(49)
HaLevy(15)(19a)(27)(28)(34) Halfon(3)(11)(12)(14)(31/5/16)(40)(46) Halford(18)
Halifa (11)(12)(31/5/16)(46) Halife(46) Haliffi(46)
Haligua(31/4/13) Halimi(46) Halio(46)
Haliona(46) Halioua(31/1/3) Haliva(18)
Haliwa(46) Haliyou(46) Hallaco(46)
Hallafos(46) Hallah(46) Hallale(46)
Hallali(46) Hallas Hamis(1) Hallas(46)
Hallegua(46) Hallev(22) Hallevi (Levi Ximenes)(36)
Hallevi(22)(36) Halorki(19a) Halorqui(29)
Haloua(46) Halouba(46) Halouma(46)
Halphon(46) Halua(46) Haluei(17)
Haluma(46) Ham(46) Hamaarabi(46)
Hamadan(46) Hamadani(46) Haman(29)(45)(46)
Hamani(46) Hamaoui(31/2/4)(46) Hamatary(22)
Hamaui(46) Hamaw(46) Hamawy(46)
Hambourg(35) Hambran(46) Hambrun(46)
Hamel(45) Hamet(45)(46) Hamez(43)
Hami(46) Hamic(22) Hamid(45)(46)
Hamiel(46) Hamin(29) Hamis de Fonseca(40)
Hamis de Orta(1) Hamis de Orta(46) Hamis Doarte(46)
Hamis ds Fonseca(46) Hamis Vas(40)(46) Hamis(3)(40)(46)
Hamiz(1)(43)(46) Hammami(46) Hammel(46)
Hammer(26) Hammit(25) Hammou(46)
Hamomo (Diaz de Toledo)(41) Hamon(4)(5)(15)(21)(31/4/13)(46) Hamoni(46)
Hamou(46) Hamoui(46) Hamoy(46)
Hamra(31/5/17) Hamra(46) Hamram(46)
Hamron(46) Hamu(46) Hamuda(46)
Hamuglo(46) Hamui(46) Hamurchi(46)
Hamuy Habazz(46) Hamwi Khabbaz(46) HamwiKhaski(46)
Hana (11)(12)(31/2/4)(46) Hana-Morat (11)(46) Hanan(31/5/16)(35)
Hanan(46) Hananel(31/4/14)(46) Hanania (11)(12)(31/5/16)(46)
Hananiah(46) Hanansa Fano(46) Hanar(46)
Hanau(46) Handali(15)(46) Handalo (Also see Andalo)(22)(42)
Handalo(46) Handato(22) Handeli(46)
Handrago(3) Hane(46) Hanen(46)
Hanin(46) Haninai(19a) Hanine(46)
Hanini(46) Hanna (11)(12)(31/5/16)(46) Hanna-Morat (11)(46)
Hannan(46) Hannania(46) Hannau(46)
Hannoun(46) Hannuna(46) Hanoch(19a)
Hanono(46) Hanoun(31/2/4) Hanoun(46)
Hanouna(46) Hansis(46) Hanun(46)
Hanuna(46) Haouani(46) Haoudji(46)
Haouzi(31/2/4)(46) Hapaz(29) Hapenini(29)
Haqon(46) Haquim(19a)(45)(46) Haquq(46)
Hara(46) Harab(45)(46) Harabon(29)
Harai de(27) Haranon(29) Harar(46)
Harari Ferro(46) Harari Nahem(46) Harari(29)(31/2/4)(46)
Harari(31/2/6) Haravon(46) Harazon(29)(45)(46)
Harbon(46) Harboun(46) Harchwell(25)
Hardea(29) Haredes de(28i) Hareli(46)
Hares(46) Harfi(46) Hariri(46)
Hariza(45)(46) Harliso(45) Haro de (39b)=Jessurun,Rafael(39a)
Haro de(8)(36)(41)(46) Haro(*)(3)(20)(29)(42) Haron(42)(45)
Harots(46) Haroubi(46) Harouche(46)
Harpaliao(40) Harrar(46) Harrari Ragoul(46)
Harras(46) Harris(25) Harroche(46)
Harrouche(46) Harrus(46) Harrush(46)
Hart(*)(29)(40a)(46) Harubi(46) Haruch(46)
Haruso(46) Hasan(31/2/6)(46) Haschi(46)
Hasda(31/1/3)(46) Hasdai Ibn(19) Hasdai(5)(35)(46)
Hasday(46) Hasdo(46) Hase(29)
Haserfaty(46) Hashani(46) Hashohani(46)
Hasiboni(46) Hasid(29)(46) Hasis(45)
Haski Paredes(46) Haski(46) Hasky(46)
Haslem(5) hasoffer(46) Hassan(5)(11)(12)(31/2/4)(31/5/16)(46)
Hassan(5)(29)(31/2/4)(35) Hasserfaty(31/3/11) Hassid (11)(12)(31/1/2)(31/2/4)(31/5/16)(46)
Hassidof (12)(31/5/16)(46) Hassine(46) Hassis(46)
Hassoeh(46) Hasson de(27) Hasson(10)(11)(12)(15)(27)(31/1/2)(31/1/3)(31/2/4)(31/2/5)(31/2/6)(31/4/14)(31/5/16)(35)(46)
Hasson-Camhi(31/3/11) Hassoun(46) Hassouni(46)
Hassyd(46) Hatab(46) Hatchel(46)
Hatchouel(46) Hatchuel(32)(46) Hatchwel(46)
Hatchwell(46) Hatem(31/2/6)(31/4/14)(35)(46) Hatia(45)(46)
Hattaab(46) Hattem(31/4/14)(31/5/16)(46) Hatuel(46)
Haubadia(46) Hauel(29)(46) Hauer(46)
Haunel(46) Haurani(46) Hauzi(46)
Havillio(46) Havillo(46) Havio(46)
Haviv(31/2/5)(46) Hay Barzilay(46) Hay Israel(46)
Hay Lozatto(46) Hay Penso(46) Hay Villa Israel(46)
Hay(*)(11) Hay-Enriques(31/5/16)(46) Hayani(46)
Hayat(29)(31/1/2)(42)(43)(46) Hayata(46) Hayata(46)
Hayate(45)(46) Hayati(45)(46) Haydi(46)
Hayfaz(46) Hayim Nunes(25) Hayim(46)
Hayitzhari(19a)(46) Haym(29)(45)(46) Hayon(15)(29)(45)(46)
Hayot(46) Hayoun(31/1/2)(46) Hayout(46)
Hays(46) Hayug(46) Hayyat(4)(5)(19a)(21)(46)
Hayyim(5)(46) Hayyon(5) Hayyuj(5)(46)
Hayyun(5)(46) Hazaken(46) Hazan de(27)
Hazan(5)(11)(12)(15)(19a)(21)(27)(31/1/1)(31/2/7)(31/3/8)(31/4/13)(31/4/14)(31/4/15)(31/5/16)(31/5/17)(35)(46) Hazarfati(46) Hazat(46)
Hazay(46) Hazaz(46) Hazday(46)
Hazday(46) Haziel(46) Haziza(46)
Hazm Ibn(19) Hazon(5)(46) Hazot(46)
Hazzan(5)(46) Hazzon(5)(46) Hbambo(46)
Hdaia(46) Hebreo Leon (see Abravanel)(23) Hebreo(8)
Hebron(46) Hebroni(46) Hedaya(46)
Hedeky(46) Heder(29) Hefetz(46)
Hefez(46) Heffes(46) Heffesem(46)
Heharash(46) Heifess(46) Heifetz(46)
Heilbut(18) Heiman(46) Heine-Furtado(31/1/3)
Helali(46) Helbot(40) Helfon(46)
Heli(46) Helies(29) Helueni(46)
Helwany(46) Hemmo(46) Hemou(46)
Hemsany(46) Hemsi(10)(11)(12)(14)(31/4/13)(46) Hemtis(46)
Hen(19) Henach(46) Hendricks(40)(46)
Henero(46) Henreques Devalle(9) Henrigues Correia(46)
Henrigues da Guarda(46) Henrigues-Avares(33b) Henrique Morao(1)
Henrique(*)(8) Henriques (39b)=Esteves(39a) Henriques (Bueno)(30)
Henriques (Cohen)(17) Henriques (Morao)(36) Henriques Abrantes(46)
Henriques Afonseca(30) Henriques Alvares Correa(46) Henriques Alvares(1)(46)
Henriques Alvin(25)(46) Henriques Alyufrero(46) Henriques Boticario(46)
Henriques Brandao(46) Henriques Brandon(46) Henriques Cardoso(46)
Henriques Cardozo(46) Henriques Carrollo(30) Henriques Coelho(1)(46)
Henriques Cotino(9)(46) Henriques Coutinho(1)(46) Henriques Coutino(46)
Henriques Cuna(46) Henriques da Costa(3)(30) Henriques da Cunha(30)
Henriques da Fonseca(30)(46) Henriques da Magalhaes(30) Henriques da Mesquita(31/1/2)
Henriques da Silva(3)(25)(30)(46) Henriques da Silveira(46) Henriques da Silveria(30)
Henriques de Affonseca(30) Henriques de Almeida(30) Henriques de Castro(26)(30)(46)
Henriques de Chaves(30) Henriques de Costa(25) Henriques de Crasto(30)(46)
Henriques de Crasto(46) Henriques de Granada(36) Henriques de La Fuente(3)
Henriques de Leao(30) Henriques de Lucena(30) Henriques de Mesquita(2)(9)(36)(40a)(46)
Henriques de Samuda(30) Henriques de Sequeira(46) Henriques de Sigueira(46)
Henriques de Sousa(46) Henriques de Souza(9) Henriques dela Fuente
Henriques Delvalle(46) Henriques do Mercado(30) Henriques do Valle(3)
Henriques Faisca(30) Henriques Faro(39a)=Toralto(39b) Henriques Farro(1)(9)(46)
Henriques Fereira(3)(9)(18)(40) Henriques Fernandes(40a) Henriques Ferreira(30)(46)
Henriques Feurtado(25) Henriques Feurtado(46) Henriques Flores(30)(40)
Henriques Fonseca(46) Henriques Franca(46) Henriques Franco(9)(46)
Henriques Gaabinete(46) Henriques Granada(39a)=Rodrigues Henriques(39b) Henriques Homem(30)
Henriques Juliao(3)(9)(30)(40)(40a)(46) Henriques Laguna(30) Henriques Lobo(30)
Henriques Lopes(3)(30)(46) Henriques Melhado(9)(25)(46) Henriques Mendes Balborda(3)
Henriques Miranda(46) Henriques Morao(30) Henriques Morao(9)
Henriques Moreno(30) Henriques Morenu(3) Henriques Moron(46)
Henriques Mourao(46) Henriques Nunes da Cruz(46) Henriques Nunes(30)(46)
Henriques Nunes(39b)=Zacuto,Mozes(39a) Henriques Pereira de Sousa(460 Henriques Pereira(30)(46)
Henriques Pimental(40)(46 Henriques Pimentel(3)(46) Henriques Pinheiro(30)
Henriques Preto,Guarte(39b)=Preto,Jacob(39a) Henriques Quallo(25)(46) Henriques Quixano(25)(46)
Henriques Rafwel Jacomo(39b)=Senior,Jacoab(39a) Henriques Reijnel(39b)=Abendana(39a) Henriques Rodrigues(46)
Henriques Rosa(30)(46) Henriques Senior(25) Henriques Sequeira(2)(3)(25)(40)(40a)(46)
Henriques Sequira(25)(46) Henriques Soares(3)(40a) Henriques Suares(40)
Henriques Torres(40) Henriques Tota(30)(46) Henriques Valentin(3)(40)
Henriques Valentine(46) Henriques Vas(46) Henriques Villigas(46)
Henriques(*)(2)(3)(5)(6a)(8)(9)(13)(17)(18)(23)(25)(26)(30)(36)(37)(40b)(40c)(46) Henriques(39a)=Gomes de Lisboa(39b) Henriques(39a)=Mayor Perez(39b)
Henriques(39b)=Cohen,Joseph(39a) Henriques(Gomes Silva)(30) Henriques,Bento(39b)=Habilho,Baruch(39a)
Henriquez (de) Medina(46) Henriquez Alavares(1) Henriquez Alofrero(46)
Henriquez Alvares(2)(46) Henriquez Alyufrero(46) Henriquez Coelho(1)(46)
Henriquez Coleho(1) Henriquez Coutinho(1)(46) Henriquez d'Almeida(46)
Henriquez da Costa(46) Henriquez de Castro(1)(46) Henriquez de Fonseca(6c)(23)
Henriquez de la Fuente(1) Henriquez de Mesquita(46) Henriquez de Souza(1)(46)
Henriquez dela Fuente(46) Henriquez Farro(1)(46) Henriquez Fastio(46)
Henriquez Fereira(46) Henriquez Ferreira(46) Henriquez Ferreyra(46)
Henriquez Franco(46) Henriquez Furtado(25)(46) Henriquez Garcia(1)(46)
Henriquez Granada(1)(46) Henriquez Juliao(1)(46) Henriquez Lopes Salzedo(46)
Henriquez Marao(46) Henriquez Medina(46) Henriquez Mesquita(1)
Henriquez Milhad(o)(25) Henriquez Morao(1)(46) Henriquez Moron(46)
Henriquez Pareira(1) Henriquez Pereira(1)(46) Henriquez Pimental(1)
Henriquez Pimentel(1)(46) Henriquez Silveira(46) Henriquez Valintin(46)
Henriquez(*)(1)(5)(6b)(6c)(7)(14)(20)(23)(25)(29)(40a)(46) Henrriques(3) Henruques Frois(46)
Henruquez Melhado(46) Heor(29) Heouida(46)
Herabon(46) Herbas(29) Herbon(29)
Heredia de(+)(23) Heredia(*)(+)(6b)(6c)(29)(46) Hereira(46)
Herera(46) Heres(46) Heresca(46)
Hereto(29) Hergas(46) Herman (11)(12)
Hernades de Cazala(46) Hernandes(23) Hernandez Calvillo(41)
Hernandez de Almeida(46) Hernandez de Almeyda(6a) Hernandez de Avalor(6a)(46)
Hernandez de Cazala(6a) Hernandez de Diego(23) Hernandez de los Palacios(23)
Hernandez de Serodia(6a)(46) Hernandez de Torijos(41) Hernandez de Viana(28a)
Hernandez Pichon(46) Hernandez Victoria(6a)(46) Hernandez(*)(6a)(6c)(13)(14)(23)(28)(28j)(28m)(29)(41)(46)
Hernando(*)(29) Herode(35) Heron(5)
Herrador(6a)(29)(45)(46) Herrera de(5)(13)(23)(28)(41) Herrera Ramirez(27)
Herrera y Enriquez de(13) Herrera(*)(5)(6a)(6b)(6c)(7)(8)(14)(29)(46) Herrero Pondal(28n)
Herrero(*)(29)(46) Herriques Campos(46) Herriques Faro(46)
Herriques Julian(46) Herriques Valentim(46) Herruques Garcea(46)
Hervas(29) Herzog(29) Heshpiter(12)
Heskia(46) Heskouni(46) Hessurun Spinoza(39a)=Rodrigues Henriques(39b)
Heubab(46) Hezekiah Carvalho(25) Hezekiah de Cordova(25)
Hezekiah de Luzena(25) Hezekiah de Soza(25) Hezekiah Gomes Henriquez(25)
Hezekiah Mendes(25) Hezekiah Mendes(25) Hezkiya(46)
Hibambo(46) Hicai(45)(46) Hidalgo y Castillo(6a)
Hidalgo(46) Hidrie(46) Hierro(29)
Higuera de la(41) Higueras de las (41) Higueras(*)(29)
Hija de las(29) Hija(29)(45)(46) Hilel (11)(31/5/16)(46)
Hillel Ibn(31/5/17) Hillel(46) Hiluani(46)
Hilwani(46) Hilyon(46) Himi(46)
Himini(46) Himy(46) Hindi(46)
Hinojosa de(41) Hirsh de(31/2/7) Hisgail(46)
Hiskouni(46) Hisquiahu de Mendes(18) Hisquiau da Costa(25)
Hisquiau de Chaves(18) Hisquiau Machorro(26) Hita de(*)(23)
Hiya(45)(46) Hiyya(46) Hizkiano(46)
Hlale(46) Hlali(46) Hneriquez Alvin(46)
Hoba(11)(12)(31/5/16)(46) Hobab(46) Hobani(46)
Hobi(46) Hobidiente(3) Hoces de(41)
Hoces(6c) Hochon(22) Hodara (11)(12)(31/2/4)(31/5/16)(46)
Hodara Perez(46) Hodari(27)(46) Hoeb(8)
Hogenbergh(39b)=Luna Montalto de(39a) Hoheb(5)(9)(25)(46) Holgado(6a)(46)
Homar(46) Hombres(46) Home(*)(6a)(46)
Homem da Costa(46) Homem de Carvalho(46) Homem de Costa(46)
Homem Pessoa de Sa(46) Homem(*)(5)(7)(17)(23)(30)(36)(37)(46) Homen Coronel, Pedro(39b)=Senior,Isak(39a)
Homen(*)(5)(8)(36) Homen(39a)=Lopes Gomes(39b) Homono(40)
Homsani(46) Homsany(46) Hona(29)
Honato(46) Honquinira(29)(45) Hopa (11)(31/5/16)(46)
Horabuena(29) Hordogenes (Ordones)(21) Hore Belisha(46)
Horev(46) Hori(46) Horn(46)
Horta(*)(29)(46) Hoshtat(46) Hospital(29)
Hota(46) Houban(46) Hougnu(46)
Houlan(46) Houli(31/2/4)(46) Houliaras(46)
Houlli(46) Houllou(46) Houquinira(46)
Houri(46) Houssay Calzada(28n) Houta(46)
Houtha(46) Houzi(46) Hoxe ben(22)
Hoyo del(23) Hoz(*)(29)(45)(46) Hoze(46)
Hoziel(46) Hsnriquez Lopes Silva(46) Huarte da San Juan(5)
Hudara(46) Huellan(22) Huerin(46)
Huerta de(22) Huerta(*)(6a)(23)(29)(46) Huesca de(22)
Huesca(14)(29) Huete(*)(14)(29)(45)(46) Hugnu(46)
Huino(46) Hulaten(22) Huli(31/5/16)(46)
Huli(46) Hull (11)(12) Hullaten(22)
Hulli(15)(46) Hulli(46) Hulo(46)
Hulu(46) Humanssani(46) Humiel(29)(45)(46)
Hungo(46) Hunio(46) Huniu(46
Huri(29)(46) Hurighlan(460 Hurtado de Mendoza(*)(5)(29)(46)
Hurtado(*)(6a)(14)(23) Husillo(19a)(23)(29)(46) Husni(46)
Husny(46) Hussilo(45)(46) Hut(29)
Huta(46) Huziel(46) Huznet(46)
Hwerin(46) Hyac(46)
Iachia(46) Iacoby(46) Iacoel(46)
Iaffe(46) Iaiss(46) Iakov(46)
Iarach(46) Iare(46) Iauali(45)(46)
Ibanez(*)(23)(29)(46) Iben Tibbon(46) Ibernia(6a)(46)
Ibi(0) Ibide(0) Ibieta(0)
Ibiete(0) Ibinaga(0) Ibinarriga(0)
Ibira(0) Ibiriou(0) Ibisate(0)
Ibn Abbas(19)(46) Ibn Abbis(5) Ibn Abitur(46)(48)
Ibn Abulfarat(19) Ibn Acfora(19a) Ibn Adret(19)(19a)(21)
Ibn Al-Yatom Ibn Aladaron(19) Ibn Albalia(46)
Ibn Alfahar(21) Ibn Alfakhar(5)(19) Ibn Allub(46)
Ibn Arroyo(46) Ibn Asdaian(19) Ibn Atar(46)
Ibn Attar(30) Ibn Azfora(19) Ibn Baruch(19)
Ibn Bukrat(21) Ibn Cid(19) Ibn Dana (Abendana)(5)
Ibn Danan(46) Ibn Daud(5)(21) Ibn David(19)(19a)
Ibn Ezra(5)(19)(19a)(21)(28)(46)(48) Ibn Folia(21) Ibn Gabbai(15)
Ibn Gabirol(19) Ibn Ghayyat(5) Ibn Habib(15)(21)
Ibn Hasdai(19) Ibn Hayyim(46) Ibn Hazm(19)
Ibn Hillel(31/5/17) Ibn Il Zibli(46) Ibn Jacob(19a)
Ibn Janah(19)(19a)(46) Ibn Kamaniel(19) Ibn Labrai(19)
Ibn Lafit(21) Ibn Lavi(19) Ibn Manasseh(19)
Ibn Matut(21) Ibn Megas(19) Ibn Megash(21)
Ibn Menasheh(5) Ibn Migash(21) Ibn Moha(46)
Ibn Motor(21) Ibn Musa(19a) Ibn Nahmias(7)(31/7/31)
Ibn Nunez(19a) Ibn Pakuda(15)(19)(21) Ibn Rey(46)
Ibn Sabbatai(19) Ibn Sahl(7) Ibn Sahula(19)
Ibn Saqbel(21) Ibn Saruk(34) Ibn Sason(7)(19)
Ibn Shaprut(19)(21)(48) Ibn Shem Tov(21)(49) Ibn Shemtob(23)
Ibn Sheshan(19) Ibn Shoshan(5)(19)(21)(46) Ibn Shraga(21)
Ibn Sigmar(46) Ibn Susan(46) Ibn Tibbon(19)(46)
Ibn Turiel(19) Ibn Vega(20) Ibn Verga(15)(19)(19a)(21)(23)(41)
Ibn Wakar(19) Ibn Waqar(5) Ibn Yaesh(15)
Ibn Yahia(1)(19) Ibn Yahya(5)(15)(21)(46)(48) Ibn Yaish(21)(46)
Ibn Zabara(19)(21) Ibn Zachin(7) Ibn Zaddik(19)
Ibn Zadok(19)(46) Ibn Zarzar(19) Ibn Zemero(46)
Ibn Zimara(21) Ibn Zimra(15) Ibn Zur(46)
Ibrahim(45)(46) Icach(22) Ichai(46)
Ichay(46) Ichi(46) Ichkinazi(46)
Ichouo(46) Icra(22) Ida(31/5/16)
Idan(46) Idana (Also see Ydana)(25) Idana(46)
Idane(46) Idanha de Casseres(9)(46) Idanha(9)(30)(37)(40)(46)
Idania(40) Iddoukh(31/1/2)(46) Iddukh(46)
Idel(21)(29) Idi (12(31/5/16)) Idolan(46)
Iesi(46) Iessouroun(31/2/4)(46) Iesurum Espinosa(46)
Iesurum Henriques(46) Iesurun(46) Ieudah Leao(9)
Ifenzar(46) Ifenzi(46) Ifergan(46)
Iferghan(31/1/2)(46) Iffla(25)(46) Iflah(46)
Ifrah(46) Ifrahim(46) Iftag(9)
Iglesias(O) Igual(46) Igval(46)
Ihross(46 Ijar(Ixar)(29) Ikheluiyn(46)
Ilel(46) Ilhao(7)(8)(23) Illan(*)(7)(29)(45)(46)
Illescas(*)(29) Illescas(46) Illouz(46)
Illuz(46) Ima(46) Imaamou(46)
Imanuel(46) Immanuel(46) Immuzahipou(35)
Inel(29) Infanate(46) Inggerardij(39b)=Jesurum,Abraham(39a)
Ingles(46) Ini(46) Iniesta(*)(23)(29)
Inni(46) Innou(46) Inou(46)
Inseir(46) Intaki(46) Intebi(46)
Ioannis(46) Iohana(46) Iohanna(46)
Iol(46) Iola(46) Ioli(46)
Iona(46) Ioronjon(46) Iraki(46)
Iraqi(46) Irdeschi(46) Irissarride(27)
Irmao(46) Irogman(31/2/7) Irosalmi(46)
Isaac(2)(19a)(25)(29)(40)(45)(46) Isaacs(2)(18)(25)(40)(46) Isaaki(46)
Isac(29)(44) Isacc(47) Isacco(46)
Isace(40) Isach(29) Isachar(40)
Isachi(46) Isahar(40) Isaharoff(46)
Isahiel(45)(46) Isaiah(2)(33b) Isak(46)
Isarch(29) Iscaki(46) Iscandar(46)
Ischmail(46) Iscini(46) Iscol(30)(37)(46)
Isdra(46) Isdraffa(46) Isecson(27)
Ish Yemini(46) Ishac(29)(40)(45)(47) Ishach(46)
Ishag(46) Ishaki(31/5/17)(35)(46) Ishaq(46)(48)
Ishbia(11)(12)(31/5/16)(46) Ishbla(46) Ishmei(11)
Ishmiel(31/5/16)(46) Isho(2) Isia(46)
Isia(46) Isias(45) Isidoro(*)(9)(26)(30)(37)
Isidro(46) Isillio(40) Isjaaui(46)
Iskandani(46) Iskandari(46) Islas(29)
Ismael(46) Ismail(29)(45)(46) Ismalun(46)
Isphahani(46) Isque(40) Isqui(46)
Israel (39a)=Fernandes Dias(39b) Israel (39a)=Rodrigues Nunes(39b) Israel (39a)=Rodrigues(39b)
Israel (39a)=Silva, da(39b) Israel Alvares(40a) Israel Ancona(3)
Israel Athias(1)(46) Israel Ben(23)(31/2/7)(33a)(34)(46) Israel Beraha (12)(460
Israel Bernal(2) Israel Brandao(46) Israel Bravo(3)(25)(46)
Israel Cherezli(46) Israel Corea(3) Israel Correa(40a)
Israel Correa(46) Israel d' Andrade(1)(46) Israel de Avila(40a)
Israel de Garcea(46) Israel de Sequeira(3) Israel de(27)
Israel del Valhe(46) Israel Enriques(2)(46) Israel Fortes(46)
Israel Francia(3) Israel Furtado(46) Israel Gerta(3)
Israel Gomes(39a)=Lima de(39b) Israel Henriques(3)(25)(40a)(40b)(45) Israel Henriquez(1)
Israel Jacard(27) Israel Leon(46) Israel Machado(46)
Israel Machorro(1)(46) Israel Medina(46) Israel Mello(1)(46)
Israel Melo(3) Israel Monsanto(9)(46) Israel Montefoire(25)
Israel Montesanto(46) Israel Morales(3) Israel Nunes (40a)
Israel Nunes(1)(3)(25)(46 Israel Nunes(39a)-Nunes(39b) Israel Nunes(39a)=Dias(39b)
Israel Nunes(39a)=Vas(39b) Israel Nunez(1)(40a)(40b)(46) Israel Pacheco(26)(46)
Israel Penco(3) Israel Pereira Chuchou(46) Israel Pereira(3)(46)
Israel Peryra(47) Israel Pesoa(3) Israel Pezaro(46)
Israel Querido(46) Israel Ricardo(46 Israel Rodriques(39b)=Lobo(39a)
Israel Sagache(39a)=Netto de Paiva(39b) Israel Sagache(46) Israel Santa Cruz(46)
Israel Santcroos(46) Israel Sausso(46) Israel Sealtiel(46)
Israel Senior(3) Israel Seror(46) Israel Suaso(3)
Israel Torres(39a)=Fernandes Torres(39b) Israel Torres(^) Israel(*)(1)(2)(3)(8)(9)(11)(12)(18)(19a)(24)(26)(27)(29)(31/1/2)(31/1/3)(31/2/4)(31/2/5)(31/4/14)(31/5/16)(32)(34)(35)(40)(40a)(45)
Israel(ben Israel)(7)(8)(17)(20) Israel, Ben(39a)=Dias Soria(39b) Israeli(22c)(40)(46)
Israelita(46) Israelo(40) Issaak(45)
Issach(22)(46) Issackar(46) Issahar(11)(31/5/16)(35)(46)
Issahar(46) Issaharoj(46) Issai(46)
Issakhar(46) Issakhoff(46) Issan(46)
Issazadeh(46) Issharof(46) Issini(46)
Isso(46) Istamati(46) Istambouli(46)
Istanboulli(35) Isti(46) Istora(46)
Istroc(Astruc)(36) Istrumsa(46) Isvy(46)
Itaben(31/2/4)(46) Itah(31/2/7)(46) Italia(46)
Italiiano/Italiaander(39a)=Levi Victoria(39b)(46) Ito(46) Itourah(46)
Itto(31/1/2) Itzhak (11)(31/5/16)(46) Itzhaki (11)(12)(31/5/16)(46)
Ixar(Ijar)(29) Iyaiche(46) Izadiel(46)
Izbiah(46) Izerel(31/1/2)(46) Izerzer(46)
Izidoro(7) Izmel(19a) Izquierdo(*)(29)
Izradiel(45) Izrael Nunes(40a) Izrael(8)
Izraelov(46) Izri(46)
Jaady(46) Jabai(46) Jabali(46)
Jaber(46) Jabes(29)(46) Jabetz(46)
Jabez(30)(46) Jabibli(46) Jabit(46)
Jaca(46) Jacah(43) Jacard de(27)
Jacard(27) Jacchia(21)(46) Jacer(46)
Jachia(5)(7)(26)(36) Jachoms(22) Jacinto Bazan(6a)(13)
Jacinto(46) Jackes(27) Jackum (11)
Jacob Ibn(19a) Jacob Judeu(40) Jacob Leb(40)
Jacob(2)(19a)(22)(29)(40)(45)(46) Jacob(47) Jacobei(29)
Jacobo(13)(46) Jacobs(2)(25)(40)(46) Jacoel(46)
Jacome(*)(28b)(29)(46) Jacon(29) Jacouri(46)
Jacovet(29) Jacoy(46) Jacris(45)
Jacris(46) Jacum(31/5/16) Jaddah(46)
Jaddahi(46) Jaen(*)(14)(29)(46) Jaena la(23)
Jaeni(42) Jafa(22) Jafe(46)
Jaffa(22) Jaffe (46) Jaffia(22)
Jaffuda(22) Jafia(29) Jafiell(29)
Jafies(22) Jafif(46) Jafion(22)
Jagel(46) Jagous(46) Jahbes(46)
Jahen(42) Jaheni(42) Jahia(46)
Jaime(*)(27)(29) Jaimes(29) Jaimez(29)
Jaina(29) Jaioui(46) Jair(46)
Jais(46) Jajati*46) Jajos(46)
Jakun(46) Jalaf(45) Jalani(46)
Jalevi(46) Jalfon(2)(3)(18)(25)(29)(46) Jalife(46)
Jama(46) Jamal(46) James (Belasco)(30)
Jami(46) Jamiel(29) Jamil(Ibn)(46)
Jamila(29) Jamin(29) Jammal(46)
Jamtse(46) Jamuy(46) Jamuz(46)
Jamy(46) Jana(21)(46) Janah Ibn(19a)(46)
Janah(27) Janani(46) Janer(*)(29)
Janni(46) Jano(46) Janoquillo(29)
Jantevi(46) Januarios(46) Jaoul(46)
Japel(22) Japi(43) Japis(43)
Jaques(*)(8) Jaquete(46) Jara de(27)
Jara(*)(27)(29)(45)(46) Jarachi(46) Jarada(23)(29)(45)
Jaradid(46) Jaramillo(*)(29) Jaramillo,de(*)(13)
Jare(46) Jareakh(46) Jarkhi(46)
Jarmon(46) Jarmonne(46) Jarra(29)
Jason(29) Jasqui(46) Jassa(+)(29)
Jassas(29) Jato(Xato)(*)(29) Jau(Ibn)(46)
Java(43) Javacis(43) Javacix(43)
Javaco(43) Javali(42) Javares(6a)
Javatiel(29)(45)(46) Javes(46) Javia(29)
Javilio(46) Javilla(46) Javits(5)
Javoriel(46) Jawetz(5) Jawitz(5)
Jayan(29)(46) Jaymes(29) Jazan(46)
Jazo(46) Jbolone(46) Jeca(46)
Jechiel(2)(46) Jeera(6a) Jehuda(46)
Jehudi(36) Jeiheh(46) Jelarden(11)(12)(31/5/16)(46)
Jem(46) Jena(46) Jenah(27)(46)
Jenes Osorio(2) Jenet El(22) Jenna(46)
Jerafa(46) Jerez(*)(23)(29)(45)(46) Jeronima(6a)(46)
Jeronimo(46) Jerra(29)(46) Jerucham(46)
Jerusalmi(46) Jerusalmy(46) Jerushalmy(46)
Jeschurun(36) Jeshurun(5) Jesi(46)
Jesoua(2) Jessoula(46) Jessourum(46)
Jessourun(46) Jessula(46) Jessulla(31/3/8)
Jessurum Cardosso(46) Jessurum Cardozo(46) Jessurum Furtado(46)
Jessurum Pinto(46) Jessurum(46) Jessurun Akobaca(46)
Jessurun Alvares(2)(3)(46) Jessurun Alverez(2)(18)(46) Jessurun Barzilay(46)
Jessurun Cardosso(25) Jessurun Cardozo(46) Jessurun d' Oliveira(46)
Jessurun da Cunha(46) Jessurun de Mareyo(46) Jessurun Espinosa(46)
Jessurun Espinoza(3)(46) Jessurun Henriquez(46) Jessurun Lobo(46)
Jessurun Lopes(46) Jessurun Mendes(3) Jessurun Mesquita(46)
Jessurun Pinto del Sotto(46) Jessurun Pinto(46) Jessurun Plache(46)
Jessurun Rodrigues(3) Jessurun Rodriguez(46) Jessurun(2)(3)(5)(7)(25)(26)
Jessurun(39a)=Haro de(39b) Jessurun(46) Jesua (12)
Jesurum de Oliveira(46) Jesurum Pinto(39b)=Pinto(39b) Jesurum(46)
Jesurun Alvares(40) Jesurun Alvares(46) Jesurun Alverez(46)
Jesurun Coelho(46) Jesurun de Jongh(46) Jesurun Espinosa(40)
Jesurun Gabay(9)(46) Jesurun Henriques(40a) Jesurun Henriques(46)
Jesurun Lindo(46) Jesurun Lindo(9) Jesurun Lobo(40)
Jesurun Lobo(9)(46) Jesurun Marchena(46) Jesurun Mendes(40)
Jesurun Mendez(46) Jesurun Pinto(39a)=Gil Lopes Pinto(39b) Jesurun Pinto(46)
Jesurun Pinto(9)(25) Jesurun Rodrigues(40) Jesurun Roiz(46)
Jesurun Saportas(9) Jesurun Sasportas(46) Jesurun Spinoza(46)
Jesurun(2)(3)(5)(9)(18)(46) Jesurun(31/1/3)(40) Jesurun(39a)=Gomes d'Alcobeca(39b)
Jesurun(39a)=Ingerardij(39b) Jesus de(*)(+)(30) Jesus Maria(+)(6a)
Jeudah(2) Jezurun Rodrigues(2) Jezurun(46)
Jiger(29) Jimenez de Cisneros(41) Jimenez Piquero(6a)(46)
Jimenez(+)(*)(Also see Ximenez)(14)(23)(29)(41)(45)(46) Jimeno(*)(14)(29) Jimeno(*)(29)
Jinno(46) Jiron(27) Jisri(46)
Jitta(46) Jivi de(22) Jizfan(46)
Jmal(46) Jneinati(46) Joachim(46)
Joan(29) Joaquin(46) Joar(46)
Jocha(29) Joel(2)(27)(29)(40) Joel(45)(46)
Jofa(29) Jofias(22) Johan(42)
Johannis de la Manha(8) Johar(46) Johara(46)
Joheli(46) Joles(46) Jomtov(46)
Jona(15)(29) Jona(46) Jonah(2)(19a)(40)
Jonas(2)(25)(40) Jonatan(46) Jonathan(46)
Jones Salmon(25) Jonge(de)(46) Jorba de(22c)
Jorda(*)(29)(46) Jordan(*)(29)(46) Jordao(37)
Jordau(30) Jordi(29) Jorga(46)
Jorge da Cruz(30) Jorge(*)(6a)(7)(13)(28f)(30)(37) Jorno(46)
Josaphat(46) Jose(46) Josef(46)
Joseph Jonha(40) Joseph Mayer(40) Joseph of Lamego(21)
Joseph(2)(4)(25)(40) Joshua(2) Josue(35)(46)
Jouari(46) Jounes(46) Journau(46)
Journho(46) Journo(31/1/2)(46) Journou(46)
Jousselin(31/2/7) Jovent(29) Juan(*)(28a)(28f)(29)(46)
Juares de Santa Maria(28) Juares(2)(13) Juarez de Espinoza(6a)(23)
Juarez de Figueroa(6a)(23) Juarez(*)(6a)(6b)(13)(23)(28j)(29)(46) Juay(46)
Jubel(45)(46) Jubetor(42) Jubim(30)(37)(46)
Jucef(22) Juceff d'en(22) Juceff(22)
Juda(46) Judaeus(48) Judah Leao(46)
Judah Leon Templo(46) Judah Leon(46) Judah(19a)(46)
Judara(460 Judeu(40) Juejati(46)
Juha d'en(22) Juli(46) Juli(46)
Julia(*)(29) Julian(3)(18) Juliao(2)(3)(9)(30)(37)(40)(46)
Julien(9) Julio(46) Julius(46)
Juncos(29) Junes(46) Junet(29)
Junqueirio(*)(7) Junques(29) Juny(29)
Jurada(23) Juran(46) Jurno(46)
Justo(39a)=Alvares de Pas(39b) Justo(46) Juyhan de(22)
Juzeu(22) Jwejati(46)
Kabas(46) Kabayl(46) Kabbani(46)
Kabbany(46) Kabbasso(46) Kabbazo(46)
Kabelis(46) Kabibi(46) Kabiglio(46)
Kabilio(31/2/4)(46) Kabiljo(46) Kabir(46)
Kabla(46) Kaboun(46) Kabron(Ibn)(46)
Kachani(46) Kachk(46) Kachkroch(46)
Kacoub(46) Kaddouche(46) Kadji(46)
Kadoch(46) Kadoorie(18)(46) Kados(46)
Kadosh(32)(46) Kadouch(46) Kafah(46)
Kafi(46) Kafsudo(46) Kahan(46)
Kahanoff(46) Kahloui(46) Kahloun(46)
Kahn(29)(31/5/17) Kaiche(46) Kaim(31/4/14)(46)
Kaire(46) Kaireh(46) Kajat(46)
Kaji(46) Kajon(46) Kakau(46)
Kakon(46) Kakoub(46) Kalach(46)
Kalachmiras(46) Kalai(46) Kalaora(46)
Kalay(46) Kalderon(46) Kaldes(2)
Kalef(46) Kalev(46) Kalfa(46)
Kalfon(46) Kali(46) Kalifa(46)
Kalifari(31/3/8) Kalili(46) Kalistis(46)
Kalki(35) Kallaf(46) Kalmi(46)
Kalo(46) Kalonimos(46) Kalpain(46)
Kalynomos(19a) Kamahji(46) Kamami(46)
Kamaniel Ibn(19) Kamar(46) Kamhaj(46)
Kamhi(19)(31/5/17) Kamhi(46) Kamkhadji(46)
Kamkhagi(46) Kammauna (Ibn)(46) Kanan(46)
Kanaoul(46) Kandin(460 Kaneti(29)(31/5/17)(46)
Kanetti(46) Kaniti(46) Kanizou(46)
Kannoun(46) Kanoui(46) Kaoua(46)
Kapliphari(46) Kapo(46) Kapon(46)
Kapota(46) Kapoulias(46) Kapoussi(46)
Kapouyah(46) Kapsali(46) Kapsalis(46)
Kapuzato(46) Karabash(46) Karaguilla(46)
Karagulla(46) Karako(31/2/4)(46) Karallou(46)
Kararitas(46) Karasu(46) Kareh(46)
Kargel(5) Kargu(46) Karhi(46)
Kariba(46) Karigel(5)(46) Karigol(5)
Karila(46) Karilho(9)(46) Karillo(46)
Karino(45) Kario(46) Karkaconi(46)
Karkoone(46) Karkous(46) Karkukli(31/5/17)
Karmes(46) Karmi(2)(3)(46) Karmona(46)
Karmout(46) Karo(46) Karoub(46)
Karoubi(46) Karsenti(46) Karsenty(46)
Karshache(46) Karshehkasch(46) Kasabai(46)
Kases(29) Kaspe(5) Kaspi(5)
Kassab(46) Kassabi(46) Kassal(46)
Kassar(46) Kassin(31/5/15)(46) Kassis(46)
Kassorla(46) Kastel(46) Kastoriano(46)
Kastsav(46) Katache(46) Katalan(31/5/17)(46)
Katan(31/2/4)(46) Katarivas(46) Katouche(46)
Katri(46) Katsanos(46) Kattan(46)
Katzuni(46) Kauayero(46) Kauffman(29)
Kaufman(*)(29) Kavaliero(46) Kayat(46)
Kayeri(46) Kayes(46) Kayon(46)
Kayre(46) Kazes(31/5/17)(46) Kazoula(46)
Kbudi(46) Kechick(46) Kechk(46)
Kechk(46) Kechteil(46) Kedoorie(46)
Kedoshim (12)(31/5/16) Kedouchim(46) Kehoudi(46)
Keiros(40) Keizer(46) Kelif(46)
Kemalov(46) Kemmoun(46) Kena(40)
Kepta(46) Kerido(46) Kerkuklu(31/5/17)
Keroub(46) Kerub(46) Keslassi(46)
Kespi(31/3/11)(46) Kesraoui(46) Kesselman(29)
Kessis(46) Kessous(46) Kessus(46)
Keter(46) Key(40) Kforza(46)
Khabbaz(46) Khabie(46) Khacho(46)
Khaffit(46) Khafit(46) Khaiat(46)
Khailou(46) Khalaf(46) Khalaz(46)
Khalev(46) Khalfa(46) Khalfon(46)
Khalfone(46) Khalfun (Ibn)(46) Khalifa(46)
Khalife(46) Khalifeh(46) Khalili(46)
Khalilil Bouka(46) Khalilli(46) Khallac(46)
Khallas(46) Khaloun(46) Khaloussi(46)
Khamous(46) Khanaja(46) Khanti(46)
Kharrat(46) Khaski(46) Khasky(46)
Khayat(46) Khayat-Soria(31/1/3) Khayoun(46)
Khebzou(46) Khemis(46) Kherdaji(46)
Khezou(46) Khiari(46) Khiat(46)
Khidari(46) Khidrie(46) Khidrie(46)
Khlifa(46) Khnafo(46) Khodari(46)
Khoshkhash(46) Khoudari(46) Khoudi(46)
Khousns(46) Khrief(46) Kiakim(46)
Kibat(46) Kiboudi(46) Kibudi(46)
Kich(35) Kichik(46) Kidussim(46)
Kiki(46) Kikos(46) Kilzi(46)
Kimchi(36) Kimhi(5)(11)(12)(21)(31/5/16)(46) Kindi(46)
Kioso(46) Kird(46) Kishik(46)
Kisraoui(46) Kizi(46) Kizon(46)
Klifa(46) Klifi(46) Knafo(46)
Kobbi(46) Kocas(46) Koen(46)
Koffina(46) Kofinnas(46) Kohan(29)
Kohat(46) Kohen Sarano(46) Kohen(31/5/17)(45)
Kohine(46) Kokkinoa(46) Kolovos(46)
Komitano(46) Kondi Hamadan(46) Kondi(46)
Kones(46) Konfi(31/4/14) Konfino(46)
Konfino(46) Konforte(46) Konforti(46)
Konforti(46) Konki(46) Konstantis(46)
Korah(46) Korb(22c) Kordova(46)
Koren(46) Koresh(46) Koretz(46)
Kori (also see Cori)31/2/4)(46) Koriat(46) Korich(46)
Korine(46) Korkidi(46) Koronel(46)
Koskas(31/1/2)(46) Koss(46) Kostelanetz(Castellanos(0)
Kostis(46) Kotopoulis(46) Kotsiros(46)
Kouffinas(15) Koulias(46) Kouni(46)
Kounio(46) Kouri(46) Kourial(46)
Kouriel(46) Koutsicos(46) Kovo(29)(46)
Kovsmery(46) Kowo(31/2/4)(46) Koyen(46)
Kramid(31/2/4) Kravecas(46) Kredi(46)
Krespin(46) Krespine(46) Krief(31/1/2)(46)
Krikeb(46) Krikis(46) Kriskis(46)
Krispin(29)(46) Krissi(46) Kroner(46)
Kroudo(31/2/4)(46) Krudo(46) Krusrin(46)
Krya(5) Ksabi(46) Ksantini(46)
Ktorza(46) Ktourza(46) Kuba(46)
Kubbany(46) Kubes (11) Kudzi(31/4/12)
Kunio(31/2/4)(46) Kurdi(46) Kurtzberg (11)(12)
Kush (11)(12)(31/5/16)(46) Kushta(46) Kusi(46)
La Abenlarabica(43) La Faya(40)
La Meyra(46) La Mira(3) La Para(46)
La Paya(13) La Pena (de)(46) La Pereyre(46)
La Rosa(46) La Torre(*)(29) La Touah(40)
Laaban(46) Laalo(46) Laalo(46)
Laban(46) Labanca(46) Labarda(29)
Labaton(31/5/17)(46) Labatoun(46) Labatt(*)(25)(46)
Labbos(46) Labbouz(46) Labi(46)
Labos(32)(46) Labouze(46) Labrador(*)(29)
Labrai Ibn(19) Labrat(29)(46) Laby(46)
Lacalle(*)(29) Lachkar(31/3/11) Lachkar(46)
Lachoar(46) Laco(23) Lacour(40)
Lacunza(*) Diaz(27) Lacur(40) Ladero(46)
Ladesma(3)(46) Ladesma(40) Lado(31/2/4)(46)
Lafaia Castro de(30) Lafaia de Crasto(46) Lafaia e Castro de(30)
Lafaia e Castro(30) Lafaia Pizarro de(30) Lafaia Pizarro(46)
Lafaia(30)(37)(46) Lafia de(8) Lafit Ibn(21)
Lafite(0) Lafitte(31/3/8)(0) Laflor(29)
Lafont(29) Lafyati(0) Lagaris(46)
Lagarriga(29) Lagarto(5)(23)(28)(46) Lagnado(46)
Lago(*)(30)(31/2/4)(35)(37)(46) Lagonna(46) Lagortera(29)
Lagos(*)(27) Laguna de la(22)(23) Laguna(*)(3)(5)(7)(9)(18)(29)(30)(36)(37)(40)(46)
Lahan(46) Lahana (11)(12)(31/2/4)(31/5/16)(46) Lahdib(46)
Lahegu(46) Lahie(46) Lahlou(46)
Lahmi(31/4/14)(46) Lahyani(31/1/2) Laide(46)
Laik(46) Laila(46) Lainez(*)(23)(29)
Laio(de)(46) Lais(6a)(13)(46) Lakhal(46)
Lakhdar(46) Lakhrieyef(46) Lala(46)
Lallouch(46) Lalloum(46) Lallout(46)
Lalo(46) Lalos(46) Lalou(46)
Lalouche(46) Laloum(46) Laluff(46)
Lamas(*)(27) Lamata(29) Lambes(46)
Lambrador(29) Lambrozo(46) Lamega(3)
Lamego(3)(18)(25)(29)(40)(46) Lameira(40a) Lamera(3)(25)(29)(46)
Lamero(40) Lameyra(46) Lameyre(46)
Lamo(*)(29) Lamport(46) Lampronti(46)
Lamquies(46) Lamy(30)(37)(46) Lana(*)(29)
Lanado(14)(29) Lanado(46) Lanca(*)(29)
Lancar(46) Lanciano(46) Lancry(46)
Landauer(29) Landi(46) Lando(46)
Landsberg(46) Landy(46) Lanery(29)(45)
Lanery(46) Laniado(46) Laniado(5)(29)
Lankar(46) Lanor(29)(45)(46) Lanza(*)(29)
Lanzana(46) Lanzarote(6a)(29)(46) Lapapa(15)(21)(46)
Lapappa(46) Laparda(29) Laparini(46)
Laparra(29) Laparrea(5) Lapavia(29)
Lapaz(46) Lapo(46) Laponte(6a)(46)
Laporta(29) Lapronti(46) Laquef(29)(43)
Laquero(46) Laques(43) Laquesa(29)
Laquesi(29) Lara de(3)(5)(20)(30)(36)(46) Lara Pimentel de(30)
Lara Pimentel(30) Lara(*)(7)(8)(9)(14)(18)(25)(29)(30)(37)(40) Larach(29)
Laraedi(29) Laranjo(46) Laras(46)
Larat(46) Larede(12) Laredo(*)(12)(14)(29)(31/5/16)(32)
Laredo(46) Lares Amado(46) Largato(7)
Lariran(46) Laros(11)(31/5/16)(46) Laroz (11)(12)(31/5/16)(46)
Larraga(29) Larrain de Castro(27) Larran(29)
Larrat(46) Lascar(46) Laschi(46)
Laskar(46) Lason(22) Lasri(46)
Lasry(29)(32)(46) Lassa(30)(37)(46) Lassery(46)
Latad(46) Latan(46) Lates(46)
Latif(5) Latif(Ibn)(46) Latino(46)
Latis(46) Latom(46) Latone(29)
Latrun Aravena(27) Latrun(27) Lattad(46)
Lattes(19)(31/1/3)(35) Lattes(40)(46) Lattis(46)
Lauces(29) Laudadio(46) Laude(46)
Laudi(de)(46) Lauguaran(46) Launguaran(6a)
Lauria(*)(29) Lavanca(46) Lavi Ibn(19)
Lavi(46) Lavingnette(46) Lavino(46)
Lawi(46) Lawrence(25) Lawton(25)
Layani(31/1/2) Laynez(29) Layora(43)
Layzer(40) Lazaro(*)(29) Lazarus(18)(25)(46)
Lazdrado(29) Lazimi(46) Lazrado(29)
Lazram(46) Lazraque(29)(45)(46) Lazreg(46)
Lazzardo(46) Leal(*)(6c)(23)(30)(31/2/5)(37)(46) Lealtad(3)(40)(46)
Lealtar(3) Leandro(46) Leao Carneiro(46)
Leao de Silva de(30) Leao de(8)(20)(23)(30) Leao Goncalves(46)
Leao Guedes(46) Leao Nunes(46) Leao Pereiera(46)
Leao Pereyra(9)(46) Leao Templo(46) Leao(*)(3)(5)(9)(30)(31/2/6)(37)(40)(40a)(46)
Leb(40)(46) Lebaan(31/1/3) Lebaixa(46)
Leban(46) Lebar(46) Lebben(31/1/1)
Lebe(46) Leben(31/1/1)(31/1/3)(46) Lebenn(31/1/3)
Lebhar(46) Leblis(46) Lebrati(46)
Lebraty(46) Lecayo(29) Lecci(46)
Lecury(29) Ledes(46) Ledesma de(30)
Ledesma(*)(25)(30)(37)(46) Ledesmi(46) Ledesmim(46)
Ledica (Rodriques)(21) Ledina(46) Leeuw,de(39b)=Leon,de Juda(39a)
Lefate(46) Legasa(29) Legrain(29)
Legre(40) Leguizamon Calzada(28n) Legziel(46)
Lehi(46) Lehiani(46) Lehon(43)
Leiba (Also Leiva)(*)(9) Leigh(27) Leiia(46)
Leir(45)(46) Leireao(46) Leiria(46)
Leitao da Silveira(30) Leitao(*)(8)(30)(37)(46) Leite(30)(37)(46)
Lellouch(46) Lellouche(31/1/2)(46) Lelo(11)(31/5/16)(46)
Leloir y Castro(28) Leloir(28) Lelouch(46)
Lelouche(46) Lelti(46) Lelus(46)
Lembroso(46) Lemon de(*)(7)(8) Lemos da Cunhc(30)
Lemos de Mezas de(30) Lemos de(5)(8)(23)(26)(30)(46) Lemos Mezas de(30)
Lemos(*)(9)(30)(37) Lemous(46) Lemus(*)(40)
Lencano(29) Lencara(45)(46) Lencor(29)
Lenghi(46) Lengui(32)(46) Leo Hebreus (Abravanel, Abarbanel, Abrabanel)(36)
Leo(*)(29) Leon Benavente(46) Leon Carvajal de(23)
Leon Carvajal(6a)(46) Leon Castro(46) Leon Ciseros(6c)
Leon Crasto(46) Leon de Elieser(46) Leon de Robles(46)
Leon de(5)(11)(13)(14)(19)(19a)(21)(23)(24)(25)(28m)(31/5/16)(35)(45)(46) Leon Ebreo (Abravanel)(21) Leon Guedes(46)
Leon Jaramillo de(23)(46) Leon Jaramillo(23) Leon Machorro(46)
Leon Mendoza y Alencastro(6a) Leon Mendoza(46) Leon Pinelo(6c)(28)(28l)(46)
Leon Portocarrero(46) Leon Telias(27) Leon Templo(46)
Leon y de la Cueva(6a)(46) Leon(*)(2)(5)(6a)(6c)(11)(12)(14)(15)(18)(23)(27)(29)(31/1/3)(31/2/4)(31/4/13)(31/4/14)(31/4/15)(40)(42)(42)(43) Leon(39a)=Templo Leon(39b)
Leon,de(39a)=Leeuw,de(39b) Leona(40) Leoncini(46)
Leone(46) Leonel de Castro(30) Leoni(*)(25)(46)
Leonino(46) Leonis(29) Leonor(19a)
Leonzini(46) Leotagi(46) Ler(29)
Lera(*)(31/5/16) Leradi(29) Lerea (11)(12)(46)
Lereah(46) lerean(46) Leredi(23)
Leri(46) Lerihen Lerin(*)(29)
Lerma de(28) Lerma(*)(5)(29)(46) Lesar(29)(45)(46)
Lescano(6a)(46) Lescrivano(22) Lesquerdo(22)
Lessin(46) Letche (11)(31/5/16)(46) Letgem(46)
Letob(46) Leuy(8) Levante(de)(46)
Levantino(46) Levanza(46) Levaton(46)
Leve(46) Leveradeu(46) Levett(25)
Levey(25) Levi Abu Alafiya(46) Levi Adari(46)
Levi Al Badanjani(46) Levi Alvares Levi Alveres(46)
Levi Arruas(46) Levi Ascuri(46) Levi Azancor(46)
Levi Barned(25) Levi Barrios(40) Levi Belench(46)
Levi Ben Chuqrum(46) Levi Ben Gadalo(46) Levi Ben Migas(46)
Levi Ben Safet(46) Levi Ben Shabbat(46) Levi Ben Sheton(46)
Levi ben Susan(46) Levi Ben Tubo(46) Levi Bencheton(31/2/7)
Levi Benshabat(31/2/7) Levi Bensusan(40) Levi Berukhin(46)
Levi Bianchini(46) Levi Bondia(46) Levi Bram(46)
Levi Cavaglione(46) Levi Chiara(46) Levi Civita(46)
Levi D'Ancona(46) Levi da Soragna(46) Levi de Barios(3)(46)
Levi de Barrios(17)(26)(28)(46) Levi de Barrios(46) Levi de Branco(31/1/3)
Levi de Veali(46) Levi de(7) Levi del Banco(46)
Levi della Vida(46) Levi delle Trezze(46) Levi di Leon(46)
Levi Duarte(46) Levi Fachena(31/2/7)(46) Levi Fermi(46)
Levi Filal(46) Levi Flores(46) Levi Gato(46)
Levi Gomes(31) Levi Ha Azati(46) Levi Harrush(46)
Levi Ibn Yuli(46) Levi Israel(3) Levi Lombroso(46)
Levi Lousada(46) Levi Maduro(46) Levi Menase(3)
Levi Mendes(46) Levi Mequbbain(46) Levi Minzi(46)
Levi Monsino(46) Levi Montagnes(46) Levi Montalcini(46)
Levi Monteiro(46) Levi Montesinos(36) Levi Morteira(31/2/7)(46)
Levi Mortera(46) Levi Morteyra(40) Levi Munhos(3)
Levi Pachena(46) Levi Provencal(46) Levi Recio(46)
Levi Resio(46) Levi Rezio(36)(46) Levi Sadie(46)
Levi Sasso(46) Levi Seiama(46) Levi Shimlay(46)
Levi Soares(3) Levi Soncino(46) Levi Suncino(46)
Levi Tanni(46) Levi Valensi(46) Levi Valensin(46)
Levi Valensino(46) Levi Valentin(46) Levi Valle(46)
Levi Victoria(39b)=Italiano/Italiaander(39a) Levi Ximenes(3)(46) Levi Ximenes(39a)=Ximenes(39b)
Levi Ximenes(Hallevi)(36) Levi Ximenez(46) Levi Zadalo(46)
Levi(2)(3)(4)(7)(15)(17)(18)(20)(22)(23)(25)(29)(31/1/2)(31/1/3)(31/2/4)(31/2/5)(31/2/7)(31/4/13)(31/4/14)(31/4/15)(31/5/17)(35)(36)(43)(45)(46)(47) Levi(39a)=Ramires(39b) Levialdi(46)
Levibram(46) Levie Calo(46) Levie Cortima(46)
Levie de Barios(46) Levie de Jong(46) Levie Flores(46)
Levie Gomes(46) Levie Hasday(46) Levie Maduro Peixotto(46)
Levie Maduro(46) Levie Montagnes Siaruco(46) Levie Montagnes(46)
Levie Montezinos(46) Levie MortMorteira(46) Levie Pinto(46)
Levie Ximenes Pereira(46) Levie Ximenes(46) Levien(25)
Levij(39a)=Dovalle(39b) Levij(46) Levim(22)
Levis(46) Levit(29) Levita(5)(21)(29)(31/1/3)(40)
Levitam(46) Levitan(46) Levy Alvares(25)(46)
Levy Arueste(27) Levy Bacrat(46) Levy Barned(25)
Levy Barrios(46) Levy Ben Tubo(46) Levy Ben Yli(46)
Levy Benssusan Levy Bensusan(46) Levy Benyuli(46)
Levy Bondia(46) Levy Camhi(27) Levy Carasso(12)(46)
Levy Cohen de Lara(25) Levy Corocos(46) Levy de Albaili(46)
Levy de Barros(46) Levy de Cassorla(27) Levy de Leon(46)
Levy de Silva(46) Levy de(27) Levy Dhuemer(46)
Levy do Brasil(46) Levy Duarte(9)(46) Levy Flores(46)
Levy Garboua(46) Levy Gomes(40)(46) Levy Guggenheim(27)
Levy Hara(46) Levy Hasday(46) Levy Lewin(25)
Levy Lewis(25) Levy Lobo(46) Levy Maduro(9)(25)(46)
Levy Mazulum(46) Levy Menase(46) Levy Menaseh(40)
Levy Montagnes(46) Levy Montangees(2) Levy Montanhees(2)
Levy Montanhez(46) Levy Montanjees(2) Levy Montezinos(46)
Levy Moreno(25)(46) Levy Munios(40) Levy Newton(25)
Levy Perahia(46) levy Pereira(46) Levy Recio(46)
Levy Rezio(24)(25) Levy Shama (12)(46) Levy Soares(40a)(40b)
Levy Suares(9) Levy Susino(40) Levy Testa(27)
Levy Valensi Levy Ximenes Belmonte(46) Levy Ximenes Pereira(46)
Levy Ximenes(40)(46) Levy Yulee(46) Levy Yuli(46)
Levy Yuly(46) Levy(*)(4)(8)(9)(11)(12)(15)(16)(18)(22)(24)(25)(27)(28)(29)(31/2/4)(31/2/5)(31/3/8)(31/3/11)(31/4/14)(31/4/15)(31/5/16)(31/5/17)(32)(34)(40)(40a)(40b)(43)(46) Levy-Mazlum (11)(12)(31/5/16)
Lewis(*)(25)(27) Leyba(*)(29) Leyton de(28o)
Leyva(also see Leyba)(*)(29) Lezama Garcia Quirno(28n) Lezameta(de)46)
Lezami(46) Lezar(29) Lianzo(46)
Liarte de(39b)=Faro(39a) Libedinsky(29) Liberati(46)
Liberman(29) Librati(46) Licha(46)
Lichaa(46) Lid(36) Lidji(46)
Lidzhi(46) Liebes(*)(27) Lifer(29)
Ligie Uziel(46) Lillo de(41) Lillo(46)
Lilo(*)(11)(31/2/6)(31/5/16)(46) Lilos(31/5/16)(46) Lima Almeida(46)
Lima Burgas(46) Lima Burges(46) Lima Cordeiro de 30)
Lima Coronel(46) Lima de (39a)=Israel Gomes(39b) Lima de(8)(18)(26)(28m)(30)(36)(46)
Lima Furtado(46) Lima Pinheiro(46) Lima Y Sola(27)
Lima(*)(2)(6a)(6c)(29)(30)(37) Limentani(46) Limentano(46)
Limos de(22) Limoux de(22) Linan(*)(29)
Linanes(29) Linares(*)(6a)(46) Linda(van)(46)
Linde (van der) Lindo de Aydo(46) Lindo Leiven(25)
Lindo Moccatta(46) Lindo(2)(5)(9)(13)(14)(16)(18)(20)(25)(29)(36)(40)(46) Lindos(35)
Linhares(46) Lino (de)(46) Lion Querido(46)
Lion(*)(8)(46) Lione(46) Lioni(46)
Liot(29)(46) Liote(46) Liouchi(46)
Liria(46) Lis(*)(8)(46) Lisak(29)
Lisboa de(8) Lisboa(46) Lisboarda(46)
Lisbona(35)(46) Lisbonna(46) Lisbonne(46)
Liscia(46) Litchi(46) Litera(46)
Lityati(0) Liuchy(46) Liuzzi(46)
Lividi(46) Livinyana(23) Livio(46)
Livy Recio(40b) Livy(40a) Lixon(29)
Liz (de Castro)(30) Liz(2)(18)(37)(46) Lizbona (11)(12)(31/5/16)(46)
Llagostera(29) Llanes(46) Llegortera(29)
Lleida(*)(29) Llerena(29) Llescas(46)
Lletor(29) Lletos(29) Llevia(29)
Llofriu(29) Llonch(29) Llong(29)
Llop(22) Llop(29) Llops(29)
Llorca(*)(14) Llorenc(29) Llorenc(46)
Llorens(*)(29) Lloscos(29) Lloscos(46)
Lluria(14) Llusi(29)(45) Llusi(46)
Loarre(21) Loasi(46) Loaysa(41)
Lobata(46) Lobatam(46) Lobatan(46)
Lobato(*)(5)(7)(9)(26)(46) Lobaton(46) Lobatto(2)(5)(24)(26)(36)
Lobbo(40) Lobell(22)(29) Lobet(29)
Lobo Correa(30) Lobo da Gama(30) Lobo de Brito(30)
Lobo de Lima(46) Lobo Guedes(30) Lobo(*)(5)(7)(9)(14)(23)(29)(30)(36)(37)(40)(46)
lobo(39a)=Israel Rodrigues(39b) Lobon de(41) Lobon(28d)
Locampo(46) Lodelo(46) Lodesma de(30)
Lodesma(30)(37)(46) Lodeve El(22) Lodrigo(29)
Lofez(46) Logrono de(31/4/12) Logrono(29)
Loia(46) Loisada(2)(46) Loizada(40)(46)
Loizada(46) Lok(46) Lok(46)
Lolli(46) Lomba de(28)(28f) Lombard(6a)
Lombarda(29) Lombaro(46) Lomberoso(46)
Lombrosa(46) Lombrosi(46) Lombroso de Mattos(46)
Lombroso(5)(7)(14)(29)(31/1/3)(40)(46) Lombrozo(46) Lonch(29)
Longo(*)(21) Longo(46) Lonzano(46)
Lope de Rebolledo(36) Lope de Vega(36) Loped de Morais(46)
loped de Pais(46) Loperuelo de(23) Lopes Aires(3)
Lopes Alcacer(46) Lopes Alvares(30)(46) Lopes Alvares(39b)=Bueno(Bibas)39a)
Lopes Alvarez(46) Lopes Alves(25)(46) Lopes Alvin(25)(46)
Lopes Alvres(30)(46) Lopes Antunes(46) Lopes Arias(46)
Lopes Arroio(46) Lopes Arroyo(30) Lopes Azevedo(39b)=Farar,Abraham(39a)
Lopes Bairos(40) Lopes Balao(30) Lopes Baltazar(3)
Lopes Barios(25) Lopes Barrios(46) Lopes Beacar(46)
Lopes Bello(30) Lopes Berachel(39a)=Dias(39b) Lopes Berahel(3)(46)
Lopes Bicha(46) Lopes Bicho(46) Lopes Brandao(46)
Lopes Branquita(46) Lopes Brito(40a) Lopes Bulhao(30)
Lopes Cabreira(30) Lopes Calassa(30) Lopes Camelo(28)
Lopes Camelo(46) Lopes Capote(30) Lopes Caranga(40)
Lopes Caransa(46) Lopes Cardoso(3)(30) Lopes Cardozo(30)(40)(46)
Lopes Carrada(46) Lopes Carvalho(46) Lopes Casado(30(
Lopes Castanho(30) Lopes Castelhano(46) Lopes Castro(46)
Lopes Cazado(30) Lopes Cea(46) Lopes Cespedes(30)
Lopes Chillon(2) Lopes Chillon(39b)=Chillao(39a) Lopes Colaso(46)
Lopes Colasso d'Oliveira(46) Lopes Colasso(46) Lopes Comelo(28)
Lopes Confeiteiro(46) Lopes Correa(3)(28l)(30) Lopes Cortizos(46)
Lopes Coutinho(46) Lopes Crasto(30) Lopes Crespin(46)
Lopes d' Almeida(46) Lopes d' Oliveira(46) Lopes d' Oliveira(46)
Lopes da Costa(30)(40)(46) Lopes da Cruz(30) Lopes da Cunha(30)
Lopes da Fonseca(46) Lopes da Gama(30) Lopes da Silva(25)(30)(46)
Lopes da Sylva(30) Lopes da Veiga Pereira(30) Lopes da Veiga(30)9460
Lopes da Veyga(30) Lopes de Amarilha(30) Lopes de Andrade(30)
Lopes de Barros(30) Lopes de Barros(46(46) Lopes de Braga(46)
Lopes de Brito(3)(40)(40a) Lopes de Britto(18)(30)(46) Lopes de Carvalho(30)(46)
Lopes de Castro(30)(46) Lopes de Cepedes(30) Lopes de Cordova(3)(40a)
Lopes de Floreason(39a)=Fernandes(39b) Lopes de Grasa(30) Lopes de Leao e Silva(30)
Lopes de Leao(30)(46) Lopes de Leon(3)(40b)(46) Lopes de Lion(46)
Lopes de Lisboa(6c) Lopes de Liz(2)(36) Lopes de Mattos(3)
Lopes de Medina(30) Lopes de Mesquita(46) Lopes de Micael(46)
Lopes de Milao(46) Lopes de Moraes(30) Lopes de Oliveira(3)
Lopes de Orta(46) Lopes de Paz(46) Lopes de Quiros(46)
Lopes de Salazar(46) Lopes de Segueira(30) Lopes de Simoes(46)
Lopes de Souza(30) Lopes de Suasso(36) Lopes de Tepozotlan(6a)
Lopes Depas(46) Lopes Depass(46) Lopes Depaz(3)
Lopes Dias(30)(40)(46) Lopes Diaz(46) Lopes Dos Santos(30)(46)
Lopes Dubec(16)(46) Lopes Eliate(30) Lopes Enriques(3)
Lopes Falaco(46) Lopes Fereia(3) Lopes Fereira(40)
Lopes Fernandes(30)(40)(46) Lopes Fernandez9460 Lopes Ferrao(46)
Lopes Ferreira(30)(46) Lopes Flores(30)(46) Lopes Fonseca(25)(46)
Lopes Franco(30)(40)(46) Lopes Freire(30)(46) Lopes Gadacho(46)
Lopes Gallo(30)(46) Lopes Garcia(46) Lopes Gomes(39b)=Homen(39)
Lopes Gomes(46) Lopes Gonzales(46) Lopes Henriques(30)(46)
Lopes Henriques,Francisco(39b)=Farar,David(39a) Lopes Homem(17)(30)(46) Lopes Ilhoa(46)
Lopes Izidro(30) Lopes Jessurun(46) Lopes Laguna(2)(3)(30)(46)
Lopes Lameira(40a) Lopes Leao Laguna(46) Lopes Leao(30)(46)
Lopes Loba(46) Lopes Losina(46) Lopes Marques(30)
Lopes Martins(46) Lopes Matos(6c)(30)(46) Lopes Melhado(2)(40a)(46)
Lopes Mellado(3) Lopes Mendes Sotto(46) Lopes Mendes(46)
Lopes Michelim(46) Lopes Mirandela(40b) Lopes Moniz(30)
Lopes Montezinhos(30) Lopes Monzona(30) Lopes Morais(46)
Lopes Moreno(30) Lopes Morenu(3) Lopes Moscatel(30)
Lopes Narbona(25)(46) Lopes Navaarra(46) Lopes Navarro(30)
Lopes Nunes(30)(46) Lopes Nunez(46) Lopes Paes(30)
Lopes Pardo(30) Lopes Parra Cardozo(30) Lopes Parra(30)
Lopes Pegado(30) Lopes Penteado(30)(46) Lopes Perdigao(30)
Lopes Pereira de Paivo(3) Lopes Pereira(2)(3)(7)(18)(30) Lopes Pereira(39b)=Abendana(39a)
lopes Pereira(40a)(46) Lopes Perera(46) Lopes Pereyra(17)
Lopes Pimentel(46) Lopes Pineiro(3) Lopes Pinheiro(30)
Lopes Pinheyro(25)(46) Lopes Pinto(17)(46) Lopes Pizarro de(30)
Lopes Pombeiro(30) Lopes Porto(30) Lopes Prado(30)
Lopes Preto(30) Lopes Preto(30) Lopes Pretto(25)
Lopes Pretto(46) Lopes Quiros(46) Lopes Rabelo(46)
Lopes Raposo(30) Lopes Rebello(30)(46) Lopes Redondo(46)
Lopes Regna(46) Lopes Renha(46) Lopes Ricca(46)
Lopes Rio(46) Lopes Ris(46) Lopes Rodrigues(46)
Lopes Rois(46) Lopes Roldao(46) Lopes Rosa(46)
Lopes Rosa,Francisco(39b)=Farar,David(39a) Lopes Roxas(46) Lopes Roza(30)(46)
Lopes Ruivo(46) Lopes Russo(46) Lopes Salzedo(46)
Lopes Samora(30) Lopes Samuda(30)(46) Lopes Sangue de Rei(46)
Lopes Sapaio(46) Lopes Sarabaya(46) Lopes Saspedes(46)
Lopes Sequeira de(30) Lopes Serano(30) Lopes Serra(46)
Lopes Servalvo(30) Lopes Sevilla(6a) Lopes Silva(46)
Lopes Simoes(30)(46) Lopes Sousa(46) Lopes Suasso Pinto(46)
Lopes Suasso(2)(7)(34)(36)(46) Lopes Sylva(25)(46) Lopes Tareu(30)
Lopes Telles(39b)=Arai,David(39a) Lopes Telles(46) Lopes Templo(46)
Lopes Tores(3)(25) Lopes Torres(25)(30)(46) Lopes Trisran(6a)
Lopes Ulhoa(17)(46) Lopes Valente(30) Lopes Vazquez(46)
Lopes Vega(46) Lopes Veiga(46) Lopes Videira(46)
Lopes Vilao(46) Lopes Villa Real(46) Lopes Vinagre(46)
Lopes Xavier(46) Lopes(*)(+)(2)(3)(5)(7)(8)(17)(18)(23)(25)(29)(30)(36)(37)(40)(40a)(46) Lopes,Antonio(39b)=Nehemias, Josue(39a)
Lopes,Diego(39b)=Oliveira d',Abraham(39a) Lopes,Gaspar(39b)=Gomes Soares, Abraham(39a) Lopes,Simon(39b)=Farar,Abraham(39a)
Lopez Alves(25) Lopez Alvin(25)(46) Lopez Amezquita(46)
Lopez Blandon(6a)(13)(23)(46) Lopez Bravo(6a)(46) Lopez Brito(46)
Lopez Camelo(28) Lopez Capadocia(46) Lopez Caranca(46)
Lopez Cardado(6a)(13)(46) Lopez Cardozo(7) Lopez Castro(9)
Lopez Chillon(33a) Lopez Chilon(46) Lopez Cocodrillo(23)
Lopez Cordado(13) Lopez Coronal(6a) Lopez Coronel(46)
Lopez Correa(6a)(13)(46) Lopez Coscolla(23) Lopez Costa,Jen(n)es (39b)=Tirado,Jacob(39a)
Lopez Cuello(28) Lopez d'Oliveira(46) Lopez da Fonseca(46)
Lopez da Silva(9) Lopez de Aguarda(6a)(46) Lopez de Altavista(6a)(46)
Lopez de Amedo(23) Lopez de Armenia(46) Lopez de Arroyo(23)
Lopez de Brito(40a) Lopez de Castro Paz Coronel Quiros(46) Lopez de Castro(46)
Lopez de Chaves(6a)(46) Lopez de Cordoba(41) Lopez de Cordova(40a)
Lopez de Costa(6b) Lopez de Fonseca(6a)(6c)(23)(28m)(46) Lopez de Granada(6a)(46)
Lopez de Guarda(6a)(46) Lopez de Hituero(23) Lopez de Huerta(6a)(46)
Lopez de Leao(9) Lopez de Leon(46) Lopez de Lisboa(28)(28c)
Lopez de Lisboa(46) Lopez de Llerena(6a)(46) Lopez de Mendizabal(6a)
Lopez de Mendoza(41) Lopez de Monforte(13) Lopez de Montforte(23)
Lopez de Morales(13) Lopez de Morales(6a)(23)(46) Lopez de Nacal(6b)
Lopez de Nordona(46) Lopez de Norona(6a)(6b) Lopez de Oliveira(46)
Lopez de Orduna(6a)(13)(46) Lopez de Pass(25) Lopez de Paz(25)(46)
Lopez de Sevilla(13) Lopez de Tepozotlan(46) Lopez de Vargas(6c)
Lopez del Arroyo(41) Lopez Dias(46) Lopez Diaz(6a)(13)(23)(46)
Lopez Dubec(5) Lopez Enriquez(6a)(23)(46) Lopez Fonseca(13)(46)
Lopez Fonseca(46) Lopez Fonseca(46) Lopez Franco(33a)
Lopez Henriques(9)(46) Lopez Home(6a) Lopez Homem(46)
Lopez Jorge(31/1/2) Lopez Laguna(25) Lopez Laguna(7)(9)(25)(46)
Lopez Lameira(40a) Lopez Lobo(6a)(46) Lopez Lucena(6a)(46)
Lopez Matos(6c)(46) Lopez Mejia(6a)(46) Lopez Mendez(6a)(46)
Lopez Mesa(6a)(6b) Lopez Meza(46) Lopez Molina(41)
Lopez Monforte(6a)(46) Lopez Netto(46) Lopez Nunes(46)
Lopez Nunez(6a) Lopez Pena(46) Lopez Penha(9)(46)
Lopez Pereira(18)(40a)(46) Lopez Perera(46) Lopez Pinto(26)
Lopez Ramierez(6a) Lopez Ramirez(46) Lopez Ramos(46)
Lopez Raphael(9)(46) Lopez Regalon(6a)(13)(46) Lopez Rivera(46)
Lopez Rosa(5)(46) Lopez Salsedo(9) Lopez Salzedo(46)
Lopez Serrano(6c) Lopez Sevilla(46) Lopez Suarez(6c)
Lopez Suasso(5)(46) Lopez Tristan(46) Lopez Valero(46)
Lopez Villreal(23) Lopez(*)(3)(5)(6a)(6b)(6c)(7)(9)(13)(14)(18)(20)(21)(23)(28)(28a)(28b)(28c)(28e)(28f)(28i)(29)(40a)(41)(45)(46) Lopez(39a)=Frances(39b)
Lopis(29) Lopo Ramirez(39b)=Curiel,David(39a) Lopo Rodriques Pereira(39b)=Pereira(39a)
Lopo(46) Loppes(7) Loprz Confeitero(46)
Lops(29) Lopwa de Liao(46) Loquem(46)
Loqui(29) Lorca(14)(29) Lorch(29)
Loredi(29) Loredy(29) Lorence(3)
Lorenco Henriquez(46) Lorenco(*)(18)(28m)(46) Lorens(*)(29)
Lorenzo(*)(6a)(6c)(9)(14)(28e)(29)(36)(46) Loria(5)(31/4/13)(46) Lorje(5)
Lorki(5)(46) Loronha(5) Losa(29)(46)
Losada(*)(5)(29)(46) Loschos(29) Losilla(29)
Losky(46) Lossa(46) Lossia(46)
Loubaton(46) Loucao(30)(37) Loucao(46)
Louer de(21) Loufrani(31/3/11)(46) Lougassi(46)
Lougassy(46) Louisada(46) Louisizada(46)
Louissadat(46) Louk(46) Loulou(46)
Loupo(46) Louque(46) Loureiro(30)(37)(46)
Lourenco Malheiro(30) Lourenco(*)(2)(30)(37)(46) Lourensa(46)
Louri(46) Louriel(46) Lousada(*)(3)(5)(36)(40c)
Louski(46) Lousky(46) Loutati(46)
Louvil(31/1/2)(46) Louzada(2)(29)(30)(37)(40b)(46) Louzado(9)
Louzan(46) Louzano(30)(37)(46) Louzon(46)
Louzoun(46) Lovo (14) Lowery (de Valle)(18)
Loxas de(42) Loya de(5) Loya(46)
Lozade Pereire(46) Lozado(13)(29)(46) Lozano(*)(28)(29)(46)
Lozasa(40a) Lozato(46) Lozora(46)
Lozpoa(46) Lpoes Berchel(46) Lpoez Depaz
Lpoez Ferro(46) Lppes de Abreu(30) Luan de(13)
Lubel(46) Luca(6b)(29) Lucan(36)
Lucas(*)(41) Lucena Aaredes(46) Lucena de(5)(13)(19a)(21)(23)(30)
Lucena Montearroyo de(30) Lucena Montearroyo(30)(46) Lucena(*)(2)(6a)(6c)(9(18)(29)(30)(36)(37)(40a)(45)(46)
Luceria de(23) Lucero (see Rodriguez(23) Lucero(*)(29)(45)(46)
Luchi(46) Luciani(46) Lucsia de la(22)
Ludel(46) Ludena(29) Ludington(25)
Lufrani(46) Lugasi(46) Lugassi(46)
Lugassy(31/4/12) Lugo(*)(29) Luis de Cabrera(28)
Luis Matos(28m) Luis(*)(6a)(6c)(7)(8)(13)(23)(28d)(28j)(46) Luisada(46)
Luitador(46) Luiz de Leao(30) Luiz de Paredes(30)
Luiz Ferreira(30) Luiz Ramalho(30) Luiz Soares(30)
Luiz(7)(30)(37)(46) Luizada(46) Lujan de(*)(23)
Lulau(22) Lulu(46) Lumbroso de Mattos Mocatta(46)
Lumbroso(5)(8)(29)(31/2/4)(31/4/31)(36)(46) Lumbrosso(46) Lumbrozo de Matos(46)
Lumbrozo Mocatta(46) Lumbrozo(5)(7)(46) Luna de(17)(18)(21)(22)(23)(24)(28m)(36)(45)(46)
Luna Gratia de(21) Luna Lopez(25) Luna Montalto,de(39a)=Hogenbergh(39b)
Luna Montalto,de(39b)=Montalto,Mozes(39a) Luna(*)(3)(5)(6a)(6c)(7)(29)(30)(37) Lunea(42)
Lunel El(22) Lunel(22)(29)(46) Lunell(29)
Lunes(29) Lupel(22) Lupercio(5)
Luperio(5) Lupo(46) Luque(*)(6c)
Luqui(29) Lurenzo(28) Luria de Lemos(46)
Luria(3)(11)(14)(20)(21)(29)(31/2/4)(31/5/16)(46) Lusa(11)(12)(29)(31/5/16)(46) Lusena Moron(46)
Lusena(25) Lusena(3) Lusena(46)
Lusitano(4) Lusitanus(15)(21) Lusqui(46)
Lussato(46) Lussena(46) Luza(14)(46)
Luzada(46) Luzarte(30)(37)(46) Luzena(3)(14)(40a)(46)
Luzon(46) Luzzatti(46) Luzzatto(31/1/3)(34)(46)
Luzzer(46) Luzzzati(46) Luzzzato(46)
Lych(25) Lyma(46) Lyon(24)(25)(46)
Lyons(25)(46) Lys(du)(46)

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